Turn your business capabilities into APIs

We partner with software companies to evolve their product architecture into a secure, API-centric platform for channel partners and mobile apps. Our clients are software-driven companies creating mobile apps, API-as-a-product solutions, or industry platforms and wish to avoid costly mistakes as they navigate the many technology and product decisions ahead.

Accelerate API design, avoid costly mistakes, and improve your API adoption

We leverage our decades of API and cross-domain expertise to help businesses:

  1. Accelerate the API design process 2-3x faster than internal initiatives
  2. Avoid costly mistakes associated with trial-and-error and uncertainty when defining your product architecture and technical stack
  3. Improve your API adoption rate and speed partner integration efforts by delivering a great developer experience

We have developed solutions in a variety of domains, including:

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Digital Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Airline Industry
  • IT Management and Monitoring
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • SaaS-based software products (B2B)
  • Consumer-Facing (B2C)

Options for partnering with us

We offer three service offerings that provide high impact to your API program and digital transformation:

API Training for companies looking to accelerate the learning process for building public, partner, or internal APIs. Learn more

Product strategy for those seeking to build products and APIs around their business capabilities. Learn more

Architecture and design for those wishing to accelerate their product architecture, including designing APIs, choosing a SOA or microservice architecture, selecting an API management layer, or simply fine-tuning what you have already. Learn more

Not sure which option is the best one for you? We are happy to engage in a roadmapping session for you to customize the approach best suited for your company.

noun_56409 Contact us to discuss how we can partner together to accelerate your API program.

Recent Case Studies

API Training

noun_311615-1“Project FinTech”: We recently completed a training program for over 1400 product team members in the financial industry to accelerate their top-down API strategy and API design best practices across multiple development centers. Our training program included customizations to meet their specific needs and culture. We completed the training 67% faster than their previous program and provided an API delivery process that is able to reduce delivery time of new APIs by nearly 50% when fully implemented.

noun_311615-2“Project ETP”: A recent training engagement involved coaching recent graduates unfamiliar with web API design and implementation. We guided them from no previous experience to a fully designed and documented mobile API in 3 days. The design was reviewed with high praise for being a “complete and well thought out design” from their chief architect. We returned to train a new group, which resulted in the identification of new product revenue opportunities by the students.

API Product Strategy

noun_311615-0“Project EDU”: A client in the digital education industry had received over 100 inquiries for a partner API over 3 months but were failing to deliver, resulting in lost revenue opportunity and the increased risk of losing customers. We partnered with their development team to coach them on the steps to productize their API effort and improve security. API design efforts were reduced by 300% over their previous process, and an API management layer was added for increased security of customer PII data.

Architecture and Design: SOA with Microservices

noun_225283“Product EVO”: Our team designed and implemented a commercial insurance SaaS startup that connects underwriters and brokers. A microservice architecture was used to isolate the data ingestion, data correlation, and collaboration capabilities of the cloud native solution. Our process eliminated $100k in wasted development and positioned them for an acquisition two years later.

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