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Avoiding Monolithic Regret

The last year has seen a considerable spike in the number of articles and discussions around microservices. Many think that a microservice-based architecture is the right answer for their organization, whether they are a startup or a large-scale enterprise. Others are opting for a wait-and-see approach to microservices by first adopting a monolithic architecture. A […]

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37signals on Rails Optimizations

There is a great post at the 37signals blog about how they optimized Basecamp using New Relic. One thing I found most interesting: MySQL optimizations: We’ve been working with a MySQL performance consultant to help us optimize our database calls and queries. We’re still early in the process but we’ve learned a lot so far. […]

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Microsoft Hailstorm for 2008

Anyone noticed the striking similarities the Windows Live APIs have to Hailstorm? George Moore, General Manager, Live Platform Services posted an interesting article outlining the unified storage APIs becoming available: For the first time ever we have a unified protocol and developer tooling story across most of our major storage products from Microsoft: On-premises structured […]

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