API Integration Case Study: CheckInsights

CheckInsights brings the mobility and accessibility of location-based social media applications to custom market research studies. A modern-day approach to shop-a-long or diary studies, researchers recruit participants to use popular apps many already use to check-in throughout the day. The result: insight into consumer behavior at the moment of brand engagement like never before.

The Approach

The product founder had extensive consulting expertise prior to launching the application. She also had performed considerable brainstorming and design for the produce prior to engaging with LaunchAny. Therefore, the project was focused on the execution of the technology and features required for the management of the product by both the founder and the researchers that would be managing each study.

The Technologies

The following technologies were used to build and deploy CheckInsights:

  1. Ruby for the integration and synchronization of data with the Foursquare API
  2. Ruby on Rails for the web application presented to the researchers
  3. PostgreSQL for database storage and reporting
  4. Google Maps API for the map display of each checkin
  5. Heroku for the rapid deployment and scalability of the Ruby on Rails application

The Results

CheckInsights is in the process of using the platform to provide consumer behavior insights to their customers and looks forward to partnering with other customers and third party vendors in the near future.

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