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Free Paper: Cloud Computing Basics

Cloud computing can be a confusing technology. It can be hard to determine if you should move to the cloud fully,
partially, or perhaps build your own service offering for the cloud. Unfortunately, many of the discussions around
cloud computing still revolve around enterprise IT, meaning that few are talking about what cloud computing means for startups and software companies. This paper addresses that problem by tackling your key questions and concerns about cloud computing and what it means for your startup or software company.

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AWS CloudFormation and What It Means for Startups

A few days ago, Amazon Web Services (AWS) released their latest offering, CloudFormation. CloudFormation allows for the templating of your application topology, from the number and kinds of servers to load balancing and databases. AWS will then provision the resources and perform the configuration for you, using the templates and any customizations you define during the formation process. Find out what this means for launching your startup.

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Inspirational Roundup

Everyone hits a difficult point in their startup. It may be that you are trying to bootstrap your idea in your spare time. Or perhaps you are battling a difficult issue and need to get it resolved and move on. Whatever the case, there is some great advice being written up regarding these issues. Here is a short list of my recent favorites.

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Setting Your Idea Free

Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, and Chris Anderson have been talking quite a bit about “free” and what it means. Chris contends that anything that is strictly made of “ideas” will push toward a lower cost until it is free. This may be because competitors try to outdo one another through price wars until things become free, or people will choose not to pay for ideas at all (e.g. getting your news via free websites rather than paid newspapers). Find out what you can learn from those using this technique to build a business.

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