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The Rise of the Interim CTO

Have you ever heard of an Interim CTO? While many have heard of interim executives for the CEO or CMO role, the Interim CTO role is quickly becoming a popular option for early stage and growing startups. Whether the Interim CTO helps for a few months or for a longer term of 18-24 months, they […]

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Brett Hurt at the Austin Regulars Meetup

Startup Advice from Brett Hurt, Austin Ventures Partner and BazaarVoice Founder

Brett Hurt has been blogging for some time now. At a recent appearance at the Austin Regulars meetup, Brett answered questions from several audience members. Throughout the conversation, he kept referring to his blog as a source to dig deeper into his thoughts and opinions on launching startups and the state of entrepreneurship in Austin. […]

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Are You Building a Project or Product?

As a developer, I often see problems as projects. These projects have a problem statement, steps to resolve the issue, and target completion criteria. It seems like a simple approach. Often, I see a potential product that can be built upon it. In fact, I can determine how much it will cost to complete the […]

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Good Idea, Well Executed

Many founders hold their idea close to them. Others share their ideas. No matter what option they select, ideas must be executed. Why? Because you can only learn so much without executing. Once you execute, the rules change. Customers start to respond (or don’t respond at all). New ideas can then emerge and begin to […]

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Asking for help with your startup

How to Request Help For Your Startup

As a startup, you need all the help you can get. But requesting the right help can be the biggest challenge. You may not know the right person to ask, or how to ask. Here are a few tips I have accumulated over the years on how to ask for help with your startup: Know […]

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Should Your SaaS Startup Be Free…Forever?

I had a quick conversation today with a new startup targeting businesses with a Service-as-a-Service product offering. Their startup solves a big need for my business. However, this company is not charging for their service. For anyone. Ever. As a business owner and former founder of two SaaS-based startups, I was shocked.

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Inspirational Roundup

Everyone hits a difficult point in their startup. It may be that you are trying to bootstrap your idea in your spare time. Or perhaps you are battling a difficult issue and need to get it resolved and move on. Whatever the case, there is some great advice being written up regarding these issues. Here is a short list of my recent favorites.

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Dealing With The Valley of Death: Love Your Idea First

In a recent discussion with a friend and fellow entrepreneur, we discussed how startup founders need persistence. Persistence is usually the trait most associated with successful businesses that struggled through difficult times and came out ahead. After further discussion, we realized it takes more than just persistence – it takes a love of your idea above all else.

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FREE: Cloud Computing Basics

Cloud computing has been a popular topic lately, including the discussion of various cloud computing solutions such as Amazon AWS, Google App Engine, and Many of the discussions revolve around the enterprise world, but few are talking about what this means for startups.

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Start Strong, Finish Strong, Launch Strong

“Finish strong” is a common phrase and something that people try to use to encourage us. People often say that most of the effort of any startup goes into finishing it. That last 20% that requires 80% of our total effort to make the startup complete. While this is true, it takes a combination of a strong start, a strong finish, and a strong launch to make your startup a success.

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