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How to Deepen Your Network and Grow Your Startup

Chris Brogan has a great list of tips for expanding your business network over the coming year. In fact, many of his ideas are about what not to do, such as stop networking at clubs where it is loud and unproductive and limiting time answering the phone. Other ideas take more time and focus.

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Grow Big, Stay Small

I have worked with quite a few startups, each of varying sizes. The thing that I’ve noticed consistently with each startup: they moved and adapted to change faster when they were smaller. While this is simple to understand, it tends to be forgotten as the startup grows their business.

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Competition Always Exists – Why You?

It isn’t just about your idea. Your idea may be killer. You may have a great heart and want to really solve someone’s problems. But no matter what you think, you have competition.

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What To Do When You Have a Bad Development Team

I recently heard two stories about bad development teams. They are both full of heartache and woe, but they both provide some valuable insight for the business owner about to embark on their first software venture.

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Feel Like a Fraud? You’re Not Alone!

Jason Cohen posted an article about his battle with feeling like a fraud. During a discussion with a friend, he mentioned that he sometimes wondered if the company he was building was built by an unqualified guy (himself). This is what he had to say.

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Making Your Startup Stand Out In a Sea of Competition

Guy Kawasaki recently wrote an article about a company at CES that did the same thing: Satzuma. We’ll review his three principles that help you stand out among a sea of competition and how these were applied to a recent startup I helped launch.

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Markup Factory Interview

Nathan at Godbit has an interview with Markup Factory, a hosted CMS, which supports valid user generated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Markup Factory offers a rich feature set including a blog, user database, email newsletter engine, podcasts, e-commerce, form builder, and online event registration. The article covers topics such as distributed teams, VC vs. bootstrapping, and the impact of their faith in their business. Here is a portion of the article:

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Eric Ries on Staying Focused

Eric Ries, author of the Lessons Learned blog and founder of IMVU, recently wrote a post about his 10 year anniversary as an entrepreneur. Find out what he has to say about staying focused and trend-spotting.

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Setting Your Idea Free

Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, and Chris Anderson have been talking quite a bit about “free” and what it means. Chris contends that anything that is strictly made of “ideas” will push toward a lower cost until it is free. This may be because competitors try to outdo one another through price wars until things become free, or people will choose not to pay for ideas at all (e.g. getting your news via free websites rather than paid newspapers). Find out what you can learn from those using this technique to build a business.

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Bootstrap Whenever You Can

Many startups immediately focus on obtaining large-scale investors. The focus is so intense, that many make the investors more important than the customers. Not only does this lead to a rocky start, but it can also lead to improper spending of the investment money obtained. My goal is to encourage entrepreneurs to bootstrap their business whenever possible, and utilize investors only when the time is right. Let’s dig deeper to find out how this can be done and if bootstrapping is a good fit for your startup.

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