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LaunchAny provides a variety of software development services that cover the full software development life cycle (SDLC). We offer development, design, testing, deployment, and support services to a wide range of industry and businesses. Our approach to applying lean principles to software development removes unnecessary overhead while maintaining a disciplined approach to software development.

Our Service Offerings

API Development and Training
Mobile App and Backend Development
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Product Development
Cloud Infrastructure and Automation
Interim CTO Services

API Development and Training

We love APIs. Many of our recent projects have included either an internal, partner, or open API initiative. APIs offer a variety of business benefits, including:

  • Creating channels to new customers and markets
  • Promoting innovation by combining data and business capabilities from internal and third-party systems
  • Organizing software, data, and IT systems for use across mobile devices and web applications

We design and build APIs that can support one or more of the following needs: mobile and enterprise mobility, rich JavaScript apps, partner integration support, and marketing, sales, and other platform integration and automation. Our APIs are designed with both a developer and user-centric approach, combining our approach of business and workflow analysis, practical API design principles, and the rapid delivery found in our lean development strategy.

Need a gentle introduction to APIs?
You can find out more from our paper, The Recent API Obsession

Want to know how to design a great API?
Read our recently published book, “A Practical Approach to API Design”.

We also offer training workshops to get your entire team, from executives to managers, product owners, developers and QA up-to-speed and productive with APIs.

Looking for API training for your entire team?
You can find out more about our latest API training workshops.

Mobile App and Backend Development / Enterprise Mobility

Do you have an idea for a mobile app? Or do you need an app to extend the reach of your existing product. We can help you build and execute your mobile strategy to extend your existing software and IT services to a mobile workforce.

We can help you map a strategy to build, integrate, and deploy your next mobile application. We work with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms and also can build the backend API to support your mobile app.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Product Development

We have taken companies from an idea to a full Software-as-a-Service product offering. Here are just some of the kinds of applications we have built:

  • A commercial insurance API platform for integrating carriers and agencies to accelerate deals
  • Supply chain management (SCM) optimization platform that reduces the effort of business-to-business API integration
  • Built an online airline reservation system for a startup airline to offer unique customization for consumers not available elsehwere
  • IT management and monitoring systems that track metrics and monitor all resources within third-party data centers
  • An IP Management solution to track your portfolio value increases over time
  • Brand engagement platform for brands to engage with customers
  • Market research solution for optimizing and extending the reach of market research in a mobile-centric world

We deliver your SaaS product using a user-centric approach to application development. We combine lean principles that enable rapid development that targets the needs of your target customers with our deep experience in designing, developing, and launching applications.

Cloud Infrastructure and Automation

Not sure which cloud vendor to select? Are your product releases big events that consume time and slow down progress? Do you want “done” to really mean “deployed and in production” and not just code complete?

New to cloud computing? 
Read our paper, “Cloud Computing Basics” and get up-to-speed quickly!

We have experience with a variety of cloud vendors, including Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Engine Yard, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure. Let us help you navigate the decision process, select the right cloud services to deploy your API or SaaS product.

Want to define, provision, and automate your cloud infrastructure
Find out more about our cloud infrastructure and automation services.

Interim CTO Services

We have worked with a variety of startups to help them launch their ideas. These startups opted to utilize our interim CTO services to fill in the technical gaps that are often hard to locate during the early-to-mid stages of a startup.

Our interim CTO service provides experience in software architecture, product development, design, software development, and infrastructure management and automation to startups without the need to hire a team of full-time employees. Let us help you navigate the many decisions faced by early startups, overcome the technical hurdles, and guide you through a Lean Startup approach to finding product/market and product/solution fit.

Want to learn more about what an Interim CTO does?
Read our article, “The Rise of the Interim CTO”, that details the Interim CTO role and how it may be a better fit than a technical co-founder


We are proud to be based in Austin, TX.


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