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What Skills Do Your APIs Offer?

Much has been written about API design techniques – from choosing the right HTTP verb to guidance on response code usage and hypermedia dos and don’ts. We get caught up in the technical details of what our API should look like under the covers, while ignoring the humans that the APIs were designed to help. […]

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Avoiding Monolithic Regret

The last year has seen a considerable spike in the number of articles and discussions around microservices. Many think that a microservice-based architecture is the right answer for their organization, whether they are a startup or a large-scale enterprise. Others are opting for a wait-and-see approach to microservices by first adopting a monolithic architecture. A […]

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Resolving the Frontend/Backend API Design Conflict

As part of my API design consulting engagements, I’m often called in to resolve the conflict between the API design that the frontend developers would prefer to have and the backend developers want to build. These conflicts can often be a serious distraction and over time can build into bigger issues within the team. So, […]

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Lessons From Training 1400+ People in Web API Design

For the last 2 years, Keith Casey and I have been conducted API training workshops with over 1400 participants across nearly a dozen roles. While we are still available for training engagements, we wanted to stop and take an assessment of what we have learned so far. We hope that by sharing these lessons, we will help your […]

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Common Questions for API Documentation

10 Questions Your API Documentation Must Answer

Effective communication is the most important factor for API success. APIs do not have a user interface, so your documentation is the primary communication method for developers to interact with your API. As my API training partner Keith Casey states, “Documentation is the third user interface for APIs, and the most important”. Your API Documentation […]

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Improving Your API Conversations with Hypermedia, ETags, and Real-Time APIs

There is considerable source material on great API design. We can read discussions on how to use HTTP properly, from selecting the proper HTTP verb to which response code(s) are appropriate to return based on the success or failure of the request. These are all important things to consider when designing a great API. As API providers […]

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Moving Beyond API Reference Documentation

“Great API documentation is essential” many people exclaim. So, you fire up your favorite API definition editor and start writing docs. You learn what YAML is and how to format it properly. You agonize over the URL paths, verbs, response codes, and payload definitions. Finally, you reach that glorious moment: “Documentation is done! Whew!” Not quite. […]

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How to Build a Great API Marketing Plan

I was recently approached by an API vendor at an API conference. While the encounter wasn’t horrific, I did find a few things related to their API marketing and sales process that left me less-than-excited to promote their product to my clients and other developers. To prevent you from making the same mistakes, I have captured some tactics […]

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5 Tips For Wrapping Your Database With a REST API

Just about every mobile and web application is backed by at least one database. These applications often require a web-based API to expose the database(s) for storing, querying, and retrieving necessary application data. How can we build an API that exposes our application data but also ensure API longevity to support future needs? The Challenge of Mapping Tables […]

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The Accidental API

How your web or mobile API might be putting your business at risk Do you have a web or mobile API? You might, whether you realize it or not. Web APIs are often used to connect a modern web application to the backend database using JavaScript frameworks such as Backbone, Angular, or Ember. Web APIs are also used by […]

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