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Moving Beyond API Reference Documentation

“Great API documentation is essential” many people exclaim. So, you fire up your favorite API definition editor and start writing docs. You learn what YAML is and how to format it properly. You agonize over the URL paths, verbs, response codes, and payload definitions. Finally, you reach that glorious moment: “Documentation is done! Whew!” Not quite. […]

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How to Build a Great API Marketing Plan

I was recently approached by an API vendor at an API conference. While the encounter wasn’t horrific, I did find a few things related to their API marketing and sales process that left me less-than-excited to promote their product to my clients and other developers. To prevent you from making the same mistakes, I have captured some tactics […]

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One Step At A Time

Seth Godin posted a great article called “Circling the big domino” where he makes an argument for working the events in order to get your brand known. This is a great reminder for all of us. Take one step at a time and don’t try to rush things. Focus on small wins.

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Twitter Can Launch Ideas Faster

Twitter has been in the media recently. Not just the expected online and print sources, but often in local news segments. Local news anchors now use Twitter to talk about upcoming stories and breaking news. Find out what Twitter is and how it can help you launch your ideas faster.

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