Workshop: Fundamentals of Designing a Great API

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API Fundamentals of Design Training 2 This interactive workshop covers web API fundamentals, including the business and technical cases for building and consuming web-based APIs. The workshop will equip business leaders, managers, and developers on the techniques necessary to successfully understand, plan, and design a great API for web and mobile applications. Attendees will be equipped to model and design a modern web-based API that can be used for private, partner, or public use to provide business value.


6-8 hours, based on team size


The main objective is to understand web API fundamentals and learn to design a great REST API through methods that involve the entire team, not just developers.

Here’s an overview of what you will learn:

  • API fundamentals, including why they are important
  • Business cases and examples for a successful API strategy
  • From fundamentals to the details of REST APIs
  • How to design a great API that developers will love
  • Team-based API modeling and design that involves everyone, from managers to developers

The training is progressive: exercises will build on previous work, so it’s important that everyone is able to attend the entire training.


  • All team members, including developers, product owners, project managers, ScrumMasters and business analysts who will be participating, managing, or otherwise supporting the API initiatives


No current or prior software development skills are necessary. All exercises will be performed in groups, will involve all aspects of the software development life cycle, and will not require writing code.

Additional Notes

The pace is rapid, and there is substantial time dedicated to group discussion and assignments. It is best to not assign additional duties during this period.

Course Outline – Day 1

Understanding APIs

  • What is an API?
  • API History and Evolution
  • The Business of APIs

Principles of Modern Web APIs

  • HTTP Primer
  • What is REST?
  • Resources vs. Services
  • Soap vs. REST

Thinking in Resources

  • What is a Resource?
  • Elements of a Resource
  • Introducing Hypermedia

What Makes a Great API?

  • Developer Experience: The New Standard
  • 7 Key Traits of a Great API
  • Evaluating APIs for Developer Experience

Modeling APIs

  • What is API Modeling?
  • 5 Steps of API Modeling
  • Modeling Example
  • API Modeling Exercise

From Modeling to API Design

  • Building Your Resource Taxonomy
  • Finding Relationships, Composition, and Lifecycles
  • Validating Design Through Documentation and Prototyping

Optional Day 2 – Additional Half or Full-Day Classes

We also offer additional half-day training options for customizing your training needs:

Hands-on REST (Half-Day)

  • Consuming APIs
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Patterns for Third-Party API Integration

API Documentation and Testing (Half-Day)

  • Using Swagger to Document Your API Definition
  • Designing Your Developer Documentation
  • Testing Your API



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