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We offer a variety of free and commercial resources to help accelerate your software architecture decisions. Here are the most recent and popular books:

A Practical Approach to API Design

A Practical Approach to API Design 

If you read the tech press, everyone knows they need an API but most aren’t really sure what it is. They treat it as another checkbox like “Web 2.0″ was a few years ago or a mobile app was most recently. In fact, there’s an entire “API-first” movement in development circles that most people don’t understand or even realize why.

In this book, we’ll start by discussing what an API is, why you might need one, and follow up with the how to design an API that encourages customer adoption. Purchase your copy and review free updates as new and updated content is released.

The API Obsession (free)

There has been a good deal of discussion, both positive and negative, about the recent obsession of APIs. Some say that it is ushering the next wave of product companies, while others are asking, “What’s the big deal?” This free download will provide an introduction to what an API is, why an API-first strategy is important, and how other businesses are using APIs to increase revenue and tap into developers to grow their business.

Download this free book to find out how you can start taking advantage of APIs to transform your business strategy.

Cloud Computing Basics (free)

Cloud computing is a hot topic, including the discussion of various cloud computing solutions such as Amazon AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud, and Salesforce. Many of the discussions revolve around the enterprise world of private clouds. However, cloud computing is a great option for a number of products, allowing you to build out a complete data center using a credit card.

Download this free book to learn how the public cloud can help accelerate product development for startups, small businesses, and ISVs.

Big Data Basics (free)

Amazingly, 90% of the data in the world today has been created only in the last two years. With the increase of mobile devices, social media networks, and the sharing of digital photos and videos, we are continuing to grow the world’s data at an astounding pace. However, big data is more than just the data itself.

Download this free book to find out how big data can transform your organization or product.