Fundamentals of Web APIs Workshop

Understand the essentials of web-based APIs

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Explain what APIs are, how they work, and why they are an important element of digital transformation
  • Discuss the business and technical cases for building and consuming web-based APIs
  • Describe the basics of HTTP, the language of the web, the JSON data format, and how they are used in practice
  • Explain what REST APIs are, including the constraints of the REST-based API style
  • Apply the API concepts to complete a sequence of steps that consume an API and produce a desired outcome

The workshop explains the essentials that technical product managers, technical writers, and developers need to gain a hands-on understanding of how web APIs work. It also serves as a foundation to our API design course.

The workshop combines short lectures with hands-on lab exercises help teams understand and apply the technical foundations of web-based APIs.

We offer multiple delivery options to meet your needs:

  • Private Instructor-led corporate workshops support up to 30 participants to provide opportunities for collaborative API design.
  • Enterprise licensing supports self-paced workshops to scale up your training across your entire organization
  • Public Instructor-guided workshops support self-paced learning with exercise feedback for a robust learning experience

Workshop overview

LaunchAny API Fundamentals Workshop This course helps technical audiences understand the foundational elements of web APIs.

It is designed for those that need a better understanding of API concepts to conduct their day-to-day duties.

The workshop is divided into five units, with lecture and hands-on exercises that explore the various activities that help you gain a firm foundation for integrating and designing APIs:

1. API Fundamentals
What is an API? • Business of APIs • API Products and Platforms

2. HTTP: The Language of the Web
HTTP Overview • Elements of a URI • HTTP Request and Response • Walkthrough: How Browsers Use HTTP

3. Introduction to JSON
Elements of JSON • Walkthrough: Composing a JSON Object • Exercise: Hands on JSON

4. Principles of REST
What is REST? • Understanding REST Architecture

5. Exploring REST
REST Terminology and Concepts • Applying the CRUD Pattern to REST APIs • Applying HTTP Methods to REST CRUD • REST HTTP Headers • Walkthrough: Consuming a REST API • Exercise: Hands on REST

Need something added or modified? We offer course customization for instructor-led delivery.

Workshop pre-requisites

Attendees should have administrator rights to install Postman, Insomnia, or Paw on their machine.

Alternatively, they should be able to access the website, a web-based alternative to the tools listed above.

Get Started: Select Your Delivery Format

We offer three delivery options for this workshop:

Option 1. Instructor-Guided Online Course for Individuals
A self-paced course that is designed for product managers, architects, and developers eager to understand how web APIs work. You will experience short lectures along with step-by-step walkthroughs, plus hands-on exercises to apply what you have learned. Each exercise is submitted to an instructor for feedback and learning, along with a solution walkthrough, giving you an experience similar to live workshops - at your own pace.

Option 2. Private Corporate Workshop
Traditional instructor-led delivery across three half-day sessions, delivered virtually. This is perfect for geographically distributed teams and provides a cost-effective option compared to in-person delivery. On-site delivery is available for an additional fee, based upon location and availability.

Option 3. Enterprise Site License
For larger organizations that need to upskill lots of teams quickly, this option supports self-paced learning videos and exercises. Upskill your staff across the organization, today and into the future.

No per-seat licenses or yearly renewals. You will also receive the slides for all content, enabling you to customize any of the lessons to meet your needs. Videos are delivered in mp4 format for posting on an internal website. We also offer content using the SCORM format, making it easy to import into your learning management system (LMS) for continuing education credit.

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