API and Microservice Strategy and Governance

Enterprise API programs require a clearly defined strategy to achieve reuse and innovation. We can help you navigate the many decisions necessary to define an enterprise-wide API strategy and develop processes that lead to a successful API program.

Recent solutions:

  • Established a hospitality API platform strategy that led to a 1000% increase in internal API adoption and included a partner API program and a self-serve developer portal that reduced API support inquiries by 200%
  • Provided API, microservice, and event-streaming governance expertise for a Fortune 500 banking client that supports 10,000+ developers worldwide
  • Developed API product, pricing, and onboarding process strategies for the mortgage lending industry
  • Delivered microservice architecture coaching in domain-driven design, API-centric delivery, event streaming, and event sourcing for an Fortune 500 fintech company

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Microservices Migration

If you’re migrating to microservices, you’ll have to go beyond selecting technologies and frameworks—you’ll have to change your apporach software delivery. With our help, you can make this shift in thinking and avoid pitfalls like increased technical debt and slower delivery cycles. We can:

  • Coach your teams on the best approach to microservices
  • Help integrate microservices with your legacy systems
  • Prepare your organization for microservice adoption through training and embedded coaches
  • Assess progress regularly and adjust the course as needed to maximize your investment in microservices

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API Portfolio Management and Adoption

The last thing you want is an API that developers can’t find or don’t want to use. With the proper portfolio management and documentation, your APIs can be discoverable and offer a straightforward onboarding process that drives API adoption. We can partner with your architecture and delivery teams to plan your API portfolio and produce great API design and documentation.

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API Documentation and Developer Portals

API documentation is the single most important artifact you will produce for developers. Your documentation is the first encounter most developers have with your API and a crucial part of your strategy for strengthening adoption and reuse. Clear, well-written documentation ensures that developers understand what your API offers, how to use it, and what to do when they are ready to start integrating.

We offer technical writing experts who produce comprehensive reference documentation and beautiful developer portals that reduce friction during the onboarding process, enhance adoption rates, and even help users enjoy themselves as they learn to use your APIs.

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Onsite Training Workshops

We develop and deliver hands-on, on-site workshops for software architects, developers, project managers, QA, and business analysts. Our workshops cover both fundamental and advanced topics to prepare your team for APIs, microservices, and cloud-native architecture (including Docker and Kubernetes).

From small software teams to Fortune 500 organizations, we help teams of any size understand the principles of modern API and microservice design.

Recent training workshops:

  • Developed and delivered a one-day, on-site API Fundamentals course to more than 5000 technical and non-technical employees in fintech, hospitality, manufacturing, education, and healthcare verticals
  • Presented on-site and remote API design training for cross-functional teams of architects and developers, QA, product owners, and technical writers
  • Delivered on-site microservice architecture and API design training for the fintech industry, including a hands-on session in event storming and process mapping to help identify bounded areas to reduce coordination costs

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