API Design Training Workshops

LaunchAny offers a variety of learning opportunities, both instructor-led and self-paced workshops. Below is a list of our current and upcoming offerings:

API Fundamentals: Web API fundamentals, the business of APIs, and a technical overview of how to use today’s web APIs. For executives, business leaders, product managers, and developers who wish to experience a hands-on approach to understanding the how and why of web APIs from a technical perspective.

Start here if you are new to web APIs or need a refresher course.

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API First: REST API Design Using ADDR: Gain hands-on experience with an API design-first process that has been used by enterprise IT and software-as-a-service companies around the world. For product managers, product owners, architects, and developers already familiar with the basics of REST APIs.

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Unlocking the Digital Enterprise with APIs: A look at why web APIs are a critical element of your digital transformation, how API platforms are transforming the enterprise into a composable enterprise, and the steps necessary for any enterprise to transform into an API first organization. For executives, business leaders, product managers who need to understand the how and why of web APIs from a business perspective.

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