Announcing the “Fundamentals of Designing a Great API” Workshop

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I am pleased to announce that LaunchAny and Casey Software have teamed up to provide a new, onsite API workshop called the “Fundamentals of Designing a Great API.” This workshop is designed to help product and IT teams better understand the fundamentals of modern web APIs and great API design.

The one-day onsite workshop covers the following topics:

  1. Understanding APIs
  2. Principles of Modern Web APIs
  3. Thinking in Resources
  4. What Makes a Great API?
  5. Modeling APIs
  6. From Modeling to Great API Design
  7. Hands-on REST

This is an interactive workshop that includes group exercises that will reinforce the concepts learned throughout the course. No programming experience is required to attend the workshops. More details about the course and how to schedule a conversation about the training course can be found on the course page.

What are the benefits of a web API training workshop?

Often, the question is asked:

Why do we need API training? Isn’t this just another set of technologies for our developers to learn?

While we are seeing new technologies, programming languages, and development frameworks emerge at an unbelievable pace, APIs extend beyond just the development team:

  • APIs are a channel to new customers and markets
  • APIs promote innovation
  • APIs are a better way to organize software, data, and IT systems.

As a result, the training required to properly prepare and realize value from APIs extends beyond just the developer. The need for API training extends to executives, marketing, product owners, technical writers, managers, developers, and QA teams.

Here are just a few of the benefits for training your entire team about the fundamentals of APIs:

  1. APIs are more than a technology, they involve the entire business value chain. Unlike new programming languages or development frameworks that accelerate the implementation, APIs can have a positive impact on the business value provided to customers, partners, and software developers. They require attention to detail at the lowest level, and impact business value at the highest level
  2. Successful partner and platform integration depends on solid API training. Everyone, from executives to account managers and product owners need to understand API fundamentals to deliver successful project initiatives and products
  3. Developer experience is important and involves everyone on the team. From design, to documentation and support, APIs require a focus on the developer experience. John Sheehan, former product manager of Twilio and founder of Runscope, knows firsthand that developer experience can make (or break) your API

Involving the entire team is important, no matter if your API will only be used internally, or if you are seeking APIs for partner integrations or perhaps an open API to generate new market opportunities and revenue streams for your organization. Everyone that attends the class will be able to collaborate on the design and development process of these web APIs.

Review the course and schedule a conversation

Want to find out more about our latest workshop and how it can help your team be more effective and deliver more business value faster? Review our course overview and then contact us to schedule a conversation about how we can help your team accelerate your API program.