Better Web Designs To Increase Donations

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The Carsonified blog has a great post that details the process they took when asking for a donations. The end result is not only pretty form, it makes an direct and positive impact to the person giving the donation. Below is an excerpt from the post:

Donating money to a charity should be as quick and easy online as it is to stuff a few coins in a collection pot on the high street. It should also be apparent what the money will be used for.

With these two things in mind, it is surprising how often charities miss the mark when it comes to their online donation screens. Fiddly pull-downs, peculiar microcopy, trillions of steps, and minimal transparency.

They also link to another article for those designing (or redesigning) their non-profit website called “8 tips to design a charity website” (from the Webdesigner Depot).

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