#DefragCon 2013 Notes: Great, Software Ate My World. Now what? – Oren Teich, Heroku

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Great, Software Ate My World. Now what? – Oren Teich, Heroku

  • The way that we are engaging and interacting is changing
  • “Software is eating the world”
  • Replace ‘Eating’ with ‘Changing’
  • “Software is changing the world”
  • We now have a blank canvas
  • It is shaking up the value chain, shifting where the value gets created
  • Clayton Christenson – supply chain not good enough
  • Oren’s corollary: “With software, there is always a spot in the value chain that isn’t good enough”
  • Can you solve a problem? And solve it in a human way that delights people?
  • Design unlocks delight
  • Design is a deep thought that thinks about how it will be used and shared
    • Simple delivers a debit card that has a rubber band around the credit card number to allow people to share pictures of their packaging
  • Design disappears
    • Dropbox – one button install and done – files are just synced everywhere
  • Design != aesthetics
    • Facebook pisses off millions of users at a time
    • Design is about engagement
  • Design resets expectations
    • iMac allowed computers to be in the living room without being ugly
  • Heroku designed a single command deploy (e.g. git push heroku master)
  • Design is never good enough. Design is endless
  • Developer’s story: Software is eating the world
  • Designer’s story: Delight through design
  • Winning = Designers + Developers