Free Paper: Cloud Computing Basics

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Free paper: Cloud Computing Basics

An Introduction to Cloud Computing and How it is Changing Business

Cloud computing can be a confusing technology. It can be hard to determine if you should move to the cloud fully, partially, or perhaps build your own service offering for the cloud. Unfortunately, many of the discussions around cloud computing still revolve around enterprise IT, meaning that few are talking about what cloud computing means for startups and software companies.

This paper addresses that problem by tackling your key questions and concerns about cloud computing and what it means for your startup or software company. Whether you are a startup founder or a product manager for an existing product, this book will help you:

  • Review the core principles of cloud computing
  • Understand the primary cloud computing service types
  • Identify the benefits of cloud computing
  • Determine if cloud computing is a fit for your business
  • Explore the new business opportunities that cloud computing offers

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