#GlueCon 2014 Notes: How, Why and When to R&D — Adam DuVander, SendGrid Labs

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Keynote: How, Why and When to R&D — Adam DuVander, SendGrid Labs

  • Hackathons as performed by a hardware manufacturer: “Bring your ideas.. some wood, we’ll provide the hammers and coffee. Then you will have your 48 hour house”
  • Hackathons have their place, but API providers need to rethink their approach by looking at 5 key areas
  • 1. Business Development
    • Seek out great partners (AccuWeather.com)
  • 2. Sales
    • Twilio had complete self-service, yet offered a full service sales team
  • 3. Marketing
    • Look at what you have and find things that are interesting and how to solve problems
    • Complete and accurate documentation slightly above one with good uptime
    • Docs = tutorials, sample apps, client libraries
    • Developer marketing isn’t like traditional marketing – it requires community
  • 4. Community
    • Online: StackOverflow, etc.
    • Offline: Meetup, conferences, hackathons (only 1/5th of your strategy, if that)
  • 5. Open Source
    • Contribute to what you use
  • 6. Create a service that is popular – Done! Nothing else to do!