Good Idea, Well Executed

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Many founders hold their idea close to them. Others share their ideas. No matter what option they select, ideas must be executed. Why? Because you can only learn so much without executing. Once you execute, the rules change. Customers start to respond (or don’t respond at all). New ideas can then emerge and begin to build on one another, much like Amy Hoy’s Stacking the Bricks approach.

Ideas and execution are not mutually exclusive. Instead, they are complementary and have quite a bit of intersection:

Bad idea, poorly/never executed: FAILURE TO BUILD ON SUCCESS

Bad idea, executed/well executed: FAILURE TO BUILD ON SUCCESS

Good idea, poorly executed: FAILURE TO BUILD ON SUCCESS

Good idea, well executed: CHANCE TO BUILD ON SUCCESS

Gabriel Weinberg puts this in terms of finding the resonant frequency. It requires that you find ideas and have a platform from which to truly test them, until you find those ideas that resonate with your customers. Read the full article, as it covers this idea in great detail.