Inspirational Roundup

1 minute read

Everyone hits a difficult point in their startup. It may be that you are trying to bootstrap your idea in your spare time. Or perhaps you are battling a difficult issue and need to get it resolved and move on. Whatever the case, there is some great advice being written up regarding these issues. Here is a short list of my recent favorites:

Kevin Koym – Kevin started TechRanch in Austin, TX to help people launch their passions. He recently wrote about  “Keeping your eye on the prize” by not letting difficult circumstances derail your progress if it isn’t core to your business. Great stuff!

Patrick McKenzie – Patrick is about to go full time with his business, after bootstrapping it for several years. He offers some great advice on how to kick start your idea in your spare time, including how to balance a full-time job with launching your idea in only 5 hours per week.

Bob Walsh – Bob has been helping companies launch startups for several years. He’s a seasoned author, developer, and bootstrapper who has a new product for organizing your startup. He recently discussed wrote “Stop hitting your Invisible Wall” about how to find the motiviation you need to get beyond those moments that block you from making progress.