Dealing With The Valley of Death: Love Your Idea First

1 minute read

In a recent discussion with a friend and fellow entrepreneur, we discussed how startup founders need persistence. Persistence is usually the trait most associated with successful businesses that struggled through difficult times and came out ahead. After further discussion, we realized it takes more than just persistence – it takes a love of your idea above all else.

Some call it the “valley of death”, Seth Godin calls it “The Dip”. No matter what you call it, there is always a point after the launch of your startup where things get difficult. Sales don’t come in as quick as you want; others in your market seem to get more attention; you aren’t as far as you had hoped your business would be.

When you get to this point, all of the motivational speeches in the world won’t help. The only thing that will help is a love of your idea. Not a love of the original vision or money, but of the core idea that your startup addresses. That mission that keeps you moving, even when your business seems like it is at a stand still.

Ask yourself what it is that you love about the idea (other than the possibility of monetary gain).

Write it down and Review it often.

Taking this step while you are excited or when you are struggling through the valley of death will help you during those difficult seasons.

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love bears all things. Love is a verb not a feeling. Let your love become action for your customers, your employees, and yourself as you go walk through the valley of death with your idea.