Launching a Startup Requires Patience

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I’ve had some recent discussions with some entrepreneurs about the cost and time it takes to launch a startup. These have been interesting discussions, as they have already realized that it takes more than just $10k and a month to build a startup by the time we sit down to chat.

Launching a startup requires time and patience. Most startups take 2-3 months to get a great application launched that is useful to their customer base. It also requires another 3-6 months to continue to refine it as customer feedback is obtained from those outside the friends and family network.

Seth Godin explains it best by calling it the patience trap:

The trap: Use all your money to build a fancy website and leave no money or patience for the hundred revisions you’ll need to do.

Planning on launching a startup? Be prepared to take the time and money to make those hundreds of small revisions as you learn different ways to grow your company.