Markup Factory Interview

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Nathan at Godbit has an interview with Markup Factory, a hosted CMS, which supports valid user generated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Markup Factory offers a rich feature set including a blog, user database, email newsletter engine, podcasts, e-commerce, form builder, and online event registration. Unlike some other content management systems, Markup Factory is not only a blog-centric platform. Our goal is to offer an integrated set of ready made applications that can be extended to build a web presence.

The article covers topics such as distributed teams, VC vs. bootstrapping, and the impact of their faith in their business. Here is a portion of the article:

“There certainly are challenges to bootstrapping. Much of our decision to bootstrap came out of our desire to get a venture up and running without going into debt to banks or investors. One benefit to taking VC funding is that you get a tremendous boost of capital to hire people and to get the product off the ground quickly. In exchange, you give up a degree of control and percentage of ownership to investors. Sometimes, this is the best path forward. In our case, we wanted to maintain total control over the direction that we took the product and eliminate the pressures that would come with answering to investors. It has been a much slower road going this way and we’ve had to get creative working with a smaller pool of resources, but overall we are quite happy with how things are turning out. As with fine wines, a business take time to produce and gets better with age. This organic approach is most aligned to how we see our business growing.”

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