You Get What You Give

1 minute read

When it comes to launching your idea, many business owners have to seek out assistance. Whether it is assistance with software development, marketing, or accounting, you will eventually move from being internally focused (involving your business) to externally focused (involving third parties). This requires a different mindset than you may be used to, and requires a different approach to be successful. I call it Giving to Get.

Those external to your business want to help you succeed. Unfortunately, they often aren’t given the chance because they aren’t given clear directions. Software developers need to know what you want, in detail (though often they don’t need it all up front). Accountants need to know what you’ve been doing in detail, or they can’t manage your accounting books. Marketers need to know who you are, your company culture, and what kind(s) of customers you want to target, in detail.

No matter what, they need you. They need your input. They need to know what you know.

Breakdowns generally occur when you fail to give enough information, insight, or detail to let them get things done. This causes frustration on both sides, and often results in having to retrace steps or start over completely.

To prevent this breakdown, remember that what you give you’ll get back in return. Spending more time up-front to establish context, expectations, and important details will make a positive difference in how you work with third party service providers.

Remember – you get what you give. Give eagerly. Give willingly. Give meticulously.