#DefragCon 2013 Notes: Software is Eating the Datacenter – Anjan Srinivas, Nutanix

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Software is Eating the Datacenter – Anjan Srinivas, Nutanix

  • Emerging trends
    • 1. Taiwan – x86 servers going the laptop way, mass produced
    • 2. Consolidation 2.0 – programmable data centers via virtualization
    • 3. Server-side Flash – TBs of solid-state on servers
    • 4. Amazon – utility consumption is dictating how services will be delivered and the user experience (ease of access)
  • Cloud-generation systems converges compute and storage and flatter datacenters that scale out
    • This is accomplished through cheap hardware and software that is built for failure
  • Software-defined data centers are built with hypervisor controllers, no hardware dependency, and nothing factory-defined
  • Hypervisor-resident controllers that are software provisioned, not on bare metal, and dynamically tuned based on DC needs
  • Nothing factory-defined – allows for late-binding of typical hardware services – RAID, etc.
  • Ease-of-use is required to make this all happen
    • Need of consumer-grade frontend, API-driven backend
    • Multi-device, flat UI design
    • Automation via APIs
    • Orchestration between APIs
      • Perhaps going deep with OpenStack, VMware vCAC, Microsoft SCVMM