#GlueCon 2013 Notes and Slides Hub Page

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This is the main page for that contains links to all GlueCon 2013 keynote and session notes, along with links to slide decks (for sessions that I wasn’t able to attend).

Day 1

3 Things You Need to Turn Your Enterprise Into a Platform – Laura Merling, AT&T

Cloud Native Applications: What Changed – Adrian Cockcroft, Cloud Architect at Netflix

Ushering in the Bronze Age of Distributed Application Tooling – John Sheehan, Runscope

The Free Lunch Is Over, Again – Andy Gross, Chief Architect at Basho

An Intro to the Emerging JSONBased Identity & Security Protocols – Brian Campbell, Ping Identity (slides only)

Solve the CrossCloud Conundrum with jclouds – Everett Toews, Rackspace (slides only)

Single Page Architectures: The API and Appification for the Web Steven Willmott, 3Scale

An Architectural Look at Designing e-commerce APIs – Saranyan Vigraham, BigCommerce

Machine Learning APIs (You Probably Didn’t Know About) – Chris Ismael, Mashape

Does Your API Have Swagger? – Sumit Sharma, Mulesoft

Designing a Beautiful REST+JSON API – Les Hazlewood, CTO of Stormpath

How to Use the Salesforce Identity Platform: A Deep Dive – Pat Patterson & David Carroll, Salesforce.com (slides only)

Building Using Netflix’s Open Source Architecture – Adrian Cockcroft, Netflix (slides only)

Dissecting AWS Detailed Billing Reports for Fun and Profi – Christian Beedgen, SumoLogic (slides only)

Keynote: The Economic in-feasibility of on-premise development and testing — Navin Thadani, Ravello Systems (slides only)

Keynote: The True Potential of Network Virtualization –Scott Sneddon, Alcatel-Lucent (slides only)

Day 2

Keynote: Fear and Loathing and Scalable Kindness on the Internet – Tim Bray, Google

Keynote: The New Kingmakers – Stephen O’Grady, Redmonk

Keynote: Confessions of a Tech CEO Who Still Loves to Code Everyday – Lew Cirne, New Relic

Keynote: Automotive Connectivity: More Than Just a Phone With Wheels – Nick Pudar, General Motors

 20 API Business Models – John Musser, Programmable Web

Processing Big Data In Real-time with a Distributed SQL System – Ankur Goyal, MemSQL

Start Small & Go Big: Getting the Most From Google Compute Engine – Joe Beda, Google

Diving Deep Into RealTime Data Processing with Storm – Dan Lynn, Full Contact (slides only)

Dark Architecture & How to Forklift Upgrade Your Infrastructure with Zero Downtime – Cory Von Wallenstein, Dyn (slides only)

Making Real-Time Analytics Using Cassandra – Christine Yen, Parse (slides only)

Getting Bigger, Going Faster: Accelerating Netflix API Deployments — Ben Schmaus, Netlfix (slides only)

Other Resources

The OAuth Bible – a great explanation of how OAuth works, including terminology and example request/responses

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Welcome to Planet Distributed from Steven Willmott, 3Scale

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