How often do you visit competitor websites?

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Oh, it seems innocent enough. A page view here, a page view there. Pretty soon you are hooked on competitor websites and can’t make a decision without first looking at their site. As simple as it seems, it is often overlooked as the first sign that a startup may be losing focus. Here is how to tell if you have this terrible illness:

  1. You reference a competitor’s website before they can decide what something should look like or how it should behave
  2. You preface every response with a question “How does [company xyz] do it?”
  3. You start to realize that you can’t differentiate your startup from your competitors

I had to consult for a company like this a few years ago, and it isn’t fun for anyone. Take comfort my friend, as there is a way to overcome this problem:

  1. Instead of referring to your competition all the time, consider looking at them once more to make notes on what you like and dislike and then stop visiting their site
  2. Determine how you could do it better, doing what is right for them and not what the other companies are doing
  3. Begin to write your website copy based on what your product does/will do, not what “those other guys” do

Start today. Your customers will thank you for it!

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