Top Ways Social Media Can Launch Your Idea

less than 1 minute read

Lewis Howes has a short video (5:48) on how to use social media to communicate with your audience and grow your idea. Here are his tips:

  1. Be yourself rather than acting like “the popular kids”
  2. Get active on the top 3 sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and your niche sites for your target audience
  3. Provide awesome content, otherwise people won’t spread your ideas and talk about you
  4. Be smart with your time
  5. Be consistent on how you promote your personal brand and creating your content
  6. Promote others, not just yourself – they’ll appreciate it
  7. Connect face-to-face at conferences, meet people, and develop real connections
  8. Thank others for their inspiration, guidance, and content

Thanks Lewis for these great tips!