How To Increase Your Idea’s Chance of Success

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Jason Cohen has a great interview with Bob Walsh about his products that help startups increase their chances of success. I particularly like the first question in the interview, where Bob is asked why the change of success for a business is so low:

I think the big killers of newborn startups lurk mostly inside the heads of founders. First and foremost, succeeding as a Digital Entrepreneur (my new catch-all keyword for traditional funded startups, unfunded startups, microISVs, indie game developers and content creators like bands and authors. Like it?) means you need to be the most stubborn S.O.B. you know. Perseverance is the single most important attribute you need. Pick any 5 successful software companies you’d like from one-person microISVs up to the largest and trace how their market focus, product, marketing etc. has zigged and zagged from inception. That’s staying in the game until you find what works.

I’ve battled with this issue before, as have several of my customers. It can be difficult, especially in the early days when you are in the “valley of death”, between the energy of starting and the trials of finding traction in the market.

No matter what kind of idea you are launching, on of the first steps to making it a reality it to get beyond the issues in your head. Bob has it right – it is about the big picture that you are trying to solve, not about a specific idea. Ideas can come and go and needs can change over time. Are you prepared for that?

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