#GlueCon 2014 Notes and Slides Hub Page

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This is the main page for that contains links to all GlueCon 2014 keynote and session notes, along with links to slide decks (for sessions that I wasn’t able to attend).


APIStrat UnWorkshop – Internet of Things

Day 1

Keynote: Containers all the way down – Solomon Hykes, Docker

Keynote: The Parallel Universes of DevOps and Cloud Developers – Donnie Berkholz, RedMonk (slides)

Keynote: API SDKs will ruin your life – John Sheehan, Runscope

Love your Logs with Elasticsearch ELK – Jordan Sissel, Elasticsearch

Designing your Product from the Platform Out – Kirsten Hunter, 3Scale

How, Why and When to R&D — Adam DuVander, SendGrid Labs

What Makes a Great Developer Company? – Ethan Kurzweil, Bessemer Venture Partners

DevOps vs. the Enterprise: What We Can Learn from Mainframe Developers – Mike Baukes, ScriptRock

Salter: Using Go to provision Saltstack clusters on AWS – Dave Smith, Orchestrate

Enhancing Your Cloud Applications with Artificial Intelligence – Elliot Turner, AlchemyAPI

Day 2

Keynote: The Case for Application Driven Cloud Computing – Adam Davis, Chief Architect, Cloud Computing, Citi

Keynote: Automation and DevOps: How to Create a Lights-Out Software Defined Data Center – Joshua McKenty, Piston Cloud Computing

Keynote: Taming the RESTed NARWHL: Striking the Balance Between Usability and Zealotry in REST – Rob Zazueta, Mashery (an Intel Company)

VPC Migration: Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle – Matthew Boeckman, Craftsy

Managing Containers at Scale on Google Compute Engines – Joe Beda, Google (slides)

APIs.json and API Discovery on the Web – Steven Willmott and Kin Lane

Additional Slides and Resources

Slides: Bringing Node.js to the JVM — Jeremy Whitlock

Slides: Programming an Arduino in Rust for IoT applications — Tim Kellogg (source)

Slides: Data Modeling for Scale with Riak Data Types — Sean Cribbs, Basho

Slides: 10 Reasons Why Developers Hate Your API (and what to do about it) — John Musser

Slides: Keynote: Developer’s Hierarchy of Needs, or Developers Need Love Too! – Julia Ferraioli, Google

Slides: How Ansible Makes Automation Easy — Peter Sankauskas

Slides: Business Data Visualization…in Minecraft! — Pat Patterson, Salesforce.com

Slides: How to Leave the Rackspace Cloud — Ed Leafe, Rackspace

Thoughts on GlueCon 2014 — Ryan Brown